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Todd Faassé
founder & ceo

Enhancing qualities of life

It has been a life-time goal for me to be here, to have the opportunity to help you.

1) To provide superior service and results to people suffering from hearing loss, by providing state-of-the art micro-electro-acoustic technology, whenever surgery and other medical alternatives cannot help.

2) To deliver breakthrough, cutting edge technologies at affordable pricing, while providing ongoing education, aural rehabilitation and impeccable customer care.

3) To improve quality of life through a "Sound Health" approach, by simultaneously addressing many physical, mental and spiritual imbalances related to hearing loss.

Congratulations! You're the kind of person who cares about leading a healthier life and inspires others to do the same or you wouldn't even be reading this. Finding this website was not a random act of chance. You did your due diligence and now, finally, your determination is about to pay off . . . because we have like-minded people standing by, waiting to answer all your questions.

People like us move forward with confidence and are more successful in our actions, because we know who we are and what we want in life. Isn't it amazing how like-minded, kind-hearted people attract each other like fireflies on a moonless night?.

This is how it's meant to be!

You know, one good thing leads to another. Simply put, when we step up to the plate and take responsibility for helping each other, it makes a better, more meaningful world . . . however, there's always a catch!

The secret is, first we need to help ourselves.

Have you ever felt off balance, as if something is missing? Of course, we all do from time to time and it's only natural to seek help to restore this balance. More than once in my life, I've felt like a puzzle piece was missing, and if it wasn't for G-d's grace, combined with strong support from friends and family, I wouldn't have seen the "big picture". Sometimes simply asking for help, IS the last missing puzzle piece . . .

When everything is in balance, there's a rhythm to everything. Call it serendipity or call it providence, the bottom line is when everything lines up right, you know it and it feels good . . . but when things fall out of sync and chaos sneaks in, making the time we need for the important things in life seems so difficult.

One of the most important things in life is communication. As you know, without good hearing, there's no real communication, which is really why your here, right?

Imagine, your world where everyone was free to communicate better. Because without real communication, you have zero freedom.

Your independence, success and happiness are purely a matter of making the right choices. Yet, if you're "struggling to communicate" because of a hearing loss, information gets lost or confused and misunderstandings happen . . . leaving you unable to be your best.

In fact, no one expects you to be yourself and do your best if you're filled with doubt, confused and second-guessing everything, do they?

If you're tired of being left out in the cold and would like to join in a warm conversation, then I would like to personally welcome you. You've heard it before, but I'll say it again, it's by no mere chance that you're here, right now, reading this and asking for help.

To help you, we provide personalized professional services, using peer reviewed, clinically proven, digital hearing technologies and this is how we can guarantee, amazing, life transforming results. This is how we help you help yourself!

Read on . . .


First, I'd like to share a little about who I am, where I'm coming from and where we're going as a family business . . . My Mom and Dad started in the hearing healthcare industry, more than 50 years ago, operating a Dahlberg Electronics store for his friend, Ken Dahlberg, the highly decorated WW II pilot. Dahlberg Inc. eventually evolved into the subsidiary, a once popular boutique known as the as Miracle Ear.

My parents literally helped pioneer the first Miracle Ear franchises throughout Western Michigan. In fact my Dad, was one of the original directors on the board, and interesting enough, he was the one who suggested naming the Big Box Franchise "Miracle Ear", now that's what I call making history!

As a young man, I rode along with my Dad whenever someone called in to the office and scheduled a hearing test "in their home". Do you remember the days when we left our doors unlocked and doctors actually came to the house?

It was a different world, in many ways, back then and yet in many ways, it's still the same. This is why we believe in supporting all family businesses.

"Building a good name in the local community is what makes America great and we support that."

In 1982, I became a licensed H.I.S. (Hearing Instrument Specialist) and helped my Mom and Dad train others to follow suit. At one point, we had a dozen hearing aid specialists running a dozen service centers, PLUS 9 retail outlets. Through the years we've helped tens of thousands of people hear better, from the southern Indiana border up to Mackinaw Bridge (by the Upper Peninsula).

You could say, Michigan was my own professional testing grounds as a "Hearing Caregiver". Through the years I've personally, helped thousands of people hear great again . . . one-ear-at-a-time. (When I say we are"helping America hear great again", I mean it literally!)

Eventually, I was promoted to "Executive Assistant", building our family hearing aid company, training audiologists and growing with the rapidly changing electronics industry.

Like most Michiganders, I grew older, I grew tired of the cold winters and eventually, ventured westward. Ultimately, working for various hearing aid manufacturers from Colorado, to Arizona and California, I eagerly learned everything I could about the hearing aid industry from the bottom up.

In those days hearing aids were called "analog" amplifiers, which required complex math formulas to select specific circuitry ,which would best match a person's individual amplification needs. Hearing aids were basically glorified, personal sound equalizers, amplifying groups of frequencies according to the specific needs of each person.

"Analog" hearing aids worked wonders, being the cutting-edge hearing aid technology of their day, yet there was room for improvement, and improve they did!

Enter The Digital Age . . .

In the early 90's hearing aids started to change and parts of them became "digital" rather than "analog". This helped tremendously because instead of being at the mercy of an analog gain curve, we could now fine tune the output of a given circuit more specifically than before. This equated to happier clients because of a more accurate prescription.

Long story short, jumping ahead a few decades . . . today's digital hearing aids have computer chip sets that contain, literally, up to 75,000 transistors in each hearing aid and make 100's of millions of computations every second. These supercomputer hearing aids are now virtually Artificial Intelligence.

Rather than selecting an individual circuit to try and best fit a hearing loss, today we prescribe Master Circuits, which we can fine tune to fit specific frequencies, rather than generally fit groups of frequencies. Featuring amazing wireless capabilities, automatic environmental sensors and clinically proven hearing aid technology, beyond anything I ever dreamt of.

Bottom line, if you are tired of the run around and want straight answers, affordable pricing and guaranteed results we here to help.

Call for a private session and ask for Todd,"The Earman".

Sound Health Hotline:

To be continued . . .


Yes, the rumors are true!

We are slashing the bottom out of the "hearing aid" marketplace. Our revolutionary business model puts YOU, the client as our number one priority. For more than 50 years the Big Box boutiques and cut-throat Corporate Chain stores have been forcing hearing aid prices sky high, with everything from strong arm tactics to outright deceptive legalese.

We at The Great American Hearing Aid Company LLC are dedicated to thinking, acting and delivering the highest quality hearing system technology "Outside-The-Box" (OTB).

Stay tuned for our up and coming "pre-launch", guerrilla marketing campaign, designed to shake the traditional "boutique" and "corporate" store models to their knees.

Nothing should stop you and your loved ones from receiving the most advanced hearing technology and service available and we are here to guarantee, that when you are ready to hear and understand speech at your very best ability, we are here to help you.

Why spend $2,000, $3,000 or even $4,000 or more on hearing aids with a fancy "private label" brand??? Now you can get the same or better hearing aid technology outside the" Big Box", and "Corporate Chain" stores.

All you need to do is contact us and we'll help make hearing again a reality for you, while saving you, literally, thousands of hard-earned dollars.

Because only certain manufacturers and types of hearing technologies are available via remote support, all on-line ordering and drop ship mailing options are limited.

We highly recommend you visit our Cottonwood, AZ hearing center for the best possible professional and personalized support for all your better hearing needs, i.e., audiological evaluations, physical fittings and digital prescriptions.

Faith Comes From Hearing,

Todd Faasse NBC-HIS
- President and acting manager of The Great American Hearing Aid Company LLC.

P.S. We are proud supporters of our veterans and donate a portion of our business every month to the Verde Valley Military Service Park. If you would like to help make a donation contact us more information.