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No two people’s hearing needs or preferences for treatment are the same. Fortunately, the days of only having large, clumsy-looking, beige hearing aids to choose from are over. Today’s models are tiny, high-tech marvels so surprisingly stylish that it’s perfectly okay if someone catches a glimpse.

Modern hearing aids feature useful options to suit almost every hearing loss and fit into any lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a sporty solution that can stand up to the elements or a discreet way to boost your understanding of conversation in noise, you’re sure to find hearing aids that fit your preferences.

Binaural Hearing. Two Ears Hear Better Than One.

Nature gave you two ears for a reason. Binaural hearing (i.e, using both ears) helps you localize sounds no matter where they come from. It also allows you to focus precisely on what you want to hear by letting you perceive certain sounds like speech louder and clearer, while ignoring background noise. A few of the most important processes include binaural redundancy, binaural squelch, and binaural directed listening.

Binaural redundancy

When you hear a sound in both ears, it’s like hearing the same sound twice. This helps your brain create a better perceptual image of the sound.

Binaural squelch

In situations where there is both noise and speech, hearing with both ears helps your brain give speech sounds preference over noise. This makes speech seem louder than it really is.

Binaural directed listening

In noisy situations, with many different sounds coming from different places, hearing with both ears helps your brain pick out the one sound source you’re interested in and focus on it.

When you have hearing loss, these effects are significantly reduced.

Smart hearing aids inspired by the way we hear naturally.

To design our hearing aids, leading engineers drew inspiration from how you hear naturally. Just like the brain uses sound input from both ears, our primax hearing aids share and exchange signals received from both hearing aids.

Similar to the natural binaural processing in the brain, the two hearing aids can make more intelligent processing decisions together. By emulating the effects of binaural hearing, primax hearing aids can deliver better clarity, richness of sound, and a greater ability to know where sound is coming from.

This is why our hearing aids are clinically proven to deliver better than normal hearing, with less listening effort.

Your Needs. Your Preferences. Our Solutions.

We offer a wide range of hearing aids and accessories that solve virtually any hearing need, while meeting your comfort and style preferences. Our hearing aids are programmed to address individual hearing loss. Your hearing care professional will help you choose the solution that is best for you. But before you make your appointment, we suggest you learn about all of our hearing products. This way, you can go into your consultation with a clear understanding of your options and preferences.

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